Adaptive Power Utilization Strategy of Fuel Cell System by FSTP Sepic Inverter

Adaptive Power Utilization Strategy of Fuel Cell System by FSTP Sepic Inverter



  • 2020

  • July-August

  • Research

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    Four-Switch mode Three-Phase (FSTP) inverter is considered as an
    advanced inverter structure to diminish the price, complication, dimension and
    losses during its switching. The traditional FSTP inverter usually achieves
    merely buck DC- AC type conversion and highest voltage of the FSTP
    structured inverter is same as V/2√3. Therefore, the output side line voltage
    cannot go beyond this rate. To improve the VUF( voltage utilization factor) and
    reliability of the conventional FSTP inverter, the FSTP SEPIC inverter is
    considered in this research work, in which both the buck and boost DC-AC
    conversion is achieved. The double integral Sliding-Mode Control (SMC) is
    utilized to optimize its dynamics and also it is utilized to confirm whether
    strength of the whole system at various operating situations is upto the limit.
    Parameter design, element ranges, and the working of the FSTP-SEPIC based
    inverter are also offered. The MATLAB Simulink model is used to validate the
    concept of power utilization of Fuel Cell (FC) by the FSTP-SEPIC inverter.
    Simulation result shows the efficiency of the inverter , both the buck and boost
    operation with FC input. The inverter efficiency and other outputs of buck and
    boost inverter operation with FC input is exhibited using Simulation.
    Keywords - Fuel Cells, FSTP Inverter, SEPIC Converter, Double integral SMC.
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    Adaptive Power Utilization Strategy of Fuel Cell System by FSTP Sepic Inverter