Performance analysis of 11 Level Hybrid Cascade-Stack (HCS) Inverter

Performance analysis of 11 Level Hybrid Cascade-Stack (HCS) Inverter



  • 2020

  • July-August

  • Research

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    This paper presents a new multilevel topology based on
    cascaded hybrid multi-level (HCS) inverter. There are different topologies
    for cascaded inverters for reducing the switches, power loss. The output
    voltage is increased and the number of switches is reduced with the HCS
    inverter. Due to this reduction in number of on-state switches, power loss
    and voltage drop is reduced. Simulation results for 11 level symmetric form
    of converter is described.
    Keywords –Inverter, Switches, Leg-Inv, Cascade stack
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    Performance analysis of 11 Level Hybrid Cascade-Stack (HCS) Inverter