Performance Evaluation of PV based BLDC Motor for Rural Irrigation Requirements

Performance Evaluation of PV based BLDC Motor for Rural Irrigation Requirements



  • 2020

  • July-August

  • Research

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    Solar water pumping systems is a pro-active approach inagricultural applications. The paper presents mathematical model ofPhoto-voltaic(PV)panel, Maximum power point tracking(MPPT)controller considering hill climbing, perturb & observe algorithms,
    mathematical model of Brushless direct current (BLDC) motorsimulations. PV panel connected to load with and without MPPTcontrollers are simulated and results are analyzed. The response ofBLDC motor with changing irradiance are simulated and presented.
    Keywords - BLDC (Brushless Direct Current) Motor, MPPT(Maximum power point tracker), PV (Photo- voltaic) cell
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    Performance Evaluation of PV based BLDC Motor for Rural Irrigation Requirements