Implication of Software encrusted Technology on Size of Projects

Implication of Software encrusted Technology on Size of Projects



  • 2020

  • July-August

  • Review

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    The objective of the software engineering is committed to build
    software projects within the budget, time and required quality. Software
    engineering is a layered paradigm comprised of process, methods, tools
    and quality focus as bedrock to develop the product. Software firms build
    software projects of varying sizes constrained on resources, time and
    functional requirement. Impact of software engineering layered technology
    may vary according to the size of the projects during their development.
    Quantitative evaluation of layer significance on size of the software project
    could be categorized as a complex task because it involves a collective
    decision on multiple criteria. Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) provides
    an effective quantitative approach for finding the significance of software
    layered technology on size of the projects. This paper presents the
    estimations through quantitative approach on real time data collected from
    several software firms. These findings help for a better project management
    with respect to the cost, time and resources during building a software
    Keywords - Software Layered Technology, Agile and Non Agile Projects,
    Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP)
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    Implication of Software encrusted Technology on Size of Projects