Execution of wideband Radar to ISAR imaging using Enhanced Fast Chirp Fourier Transform

Execution of wideband Radar to ISAR imaging using Enhanced Fast Chirp Fourier Transform



  • 2020

  • September-October

  • Review

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    In this paper, ISAR imaging for a wide frequency range is
    explained, by using a proposed method known as Modified Fast Chirp
    Fourier Transform (MFCFT). Radar imaging is generally performed in
    the L, S and C band frequency, ranging from 1-8 GHz. But, sometimes it
    becomes necessary to image a target in wideband frequency i.e., from 1-
    40GHz range. Here, in this paper, ISAR imaging is done for wideband (1-
    40GHz) frequencies. When imaging is done in this range of frequencies,
    the basic methods like RD and RID fails to reproduce images for this wide
    range, whereas the proposed method reproduces images with high
    Keywords - ISAR, MFCFT, RD, RID, RIC.
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    Execution of wideband Radar to ISAR imaging using Enhanced Fast Chirp Fourier Transform