A Novel Reflexive Islanding Detection Method beneath Composed Islanding Condition for Hybrid Distributed Generation System

A Novel Reflexive Islanding Detection Method beneath Composed Islanding Condition for Hybrid Distributed Generation System



  • 2021

  • January-Feburary

  • Research

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    To solve the energy consumption demand of the world and
    environmental problems in the future the distributed generation is considered
    an alternative approach. In this paper a new passive islanding detection
    technique was proposed for the Hybrid distributed generation (HDG) system
    based on changes in negative sequence voltage (NSV) and currents during an
    unintentional islanding. Islanding is caused in the distributed generation
    system due to failures in the power grid. As per distribution energy resources
    interconnection standards, it should be detected within 2 sec with the
    equipment’s connected to it. It is difficult to detect islanding during zero
    power imbalance condition. Sequence analyzer will separate the positive,
    negative and zero sequence components of voltages and currents from the
    voltages and currents obtained at the point of common coupling (PCC).
    During a wide range of power imbalance conditions the change in negative
    sequence voltage and currents are examined for islanding detection. The
    simulation shows that this method is free from Non detection zone, even at
    zero power imbalances between load and distribution generation. The
    computer simulations made in Matlab/ Simulink laboratory show the
    effectiveness of this method.
    Keywords: Islanding detection, Hybrid distributed generation (HDG),
    Negative sequence voltage (NSV), Balanced Islanding, Non detection zone.
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    A Novel Reflexive Islanding Detection Method beneath Composed Islanding Condition for Hybrid Distributed Generation System