A Precarious Assessment on Immune-Boosting Therapeutic Diet against Coronavirus

A Precarious Assessment on Immune-Boosting Therapeutic Diet against Coronavirus



  • 2021

  • March-April

  • Review

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    Now a days the news of coronavirus is on all news paper’s
    headline. Coronavirus is spreading from animal market of Wuhan in
    central China. There are several types of coronavirus but all are not
    dangerous but this new coronavirus is very dangerous. It is a group of
    RNA viruses that cause a variety of disease in animal and
    animal to human. The efficiency of this new coronavirus found in the live
    animal market of Wuhan in central China, circulate in a range of animals
    and spread from animal to animal and animal to human also which is
    called Spillover. Mild symptoms of coronavirus are cough, shortness of
    breath and severe problems are pneumonia, kidney failure and death also.
    Basically corona virus effects on immune systems and decrease the
    immune power. There are no specific treatments or vaccines for this
    disease still now. So in this condition, people have to maintain immunity
    and should increase immune power to fight against coronavirus. Only
    washing hand and wearing a mask are not enough to fight against this
    virus, people have to modify their daily diet. This article summarizes the
    immune- boosting therapeutic diet against coronavirus (COVID-19).
    Keywords: Coronavirus, immune system, therapeutic diet, pharmatherapeutic
    foods, garlic, turmeric, neem leaves, tulsi leaves, and diet
    chart for coronavirus
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    A Precarious Assessment on Immune-Boosting Therapeutic Diet against Coronavirus