Investigation of Power Practice in IoT Gadget Utility

Investigation of Power Practice in IoT Gadget Utility


  • R Lokesh kumar, Tharunya S, Deepika Rani Sona

  • 2021

  • May-June

  • Research

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    The Internet of Things is interconnection of vivid systems of different
    domains which describes the network of home appliances, vehicles, physical devices
    and all electronic items like sensors, actuators which enables these things to connect,
    exchange data and communicate through internet. It results in efficiency
    improvements, reduced human exertions and economic benefits. This paper represents
    an analysis on smart iot gadget which is built on renowned IOT frameworks. The moto
    is to save energy using automation which is one of the best solutions proposed for
    saving the electric current. For smart cities manual operations for street light system
    is very difficult to operate as there might be human negligence and cost of maintenance
    is very high. In this project, a sensor is being used to measure intensity of light based on
    which the light will be turning. If intensity is high, then street-light will in off mode
    and if low then it’ll be in on mode. There are huge advantages associated through the
    implementation like optimal power consumption, limiting flow of green-house gases,
    cost reduction.
    Keywords: AT89S52Microcontroller, GSM module, capacitor, Relays
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    Investigation of Power Practice in IoT Gadget Utility