Multimodal Biometric Systems: A Brief Study

Multimodal Biometric Systems: A Brief Study


  • G Kumar, M Lokesh, D Aggarwal

  • 2021

  • May-June

  • Research

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    Multimodal Biometrics is a combination of different biometric modalities
    for individual’s identification. In contemporary commercial unimodal biometric
    systems, most uses a single trait for authentication. So it is called unimodal system.
    Some of the drawbacks of unimodal biometrics such as intra- class variations,
    restricted degrees of freedom, spoof attacks and non-universality are eliminated by
    fusion based biometrics systems for unique personal identification. Various methods
    of fusion and data integration strategies can be utilized to combine information in
    multimodal systems. This paper presents a brief study on past research and
    development in the field of multimodal biometric technology in terms of fusion level,
    techniques for dimensionality reduction and normalization methods.
    Index Terms: Unimodal; multimodal; biometric; fusion.
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    Multimodal Biometric Systems: A Brief Study