Modeling and investigation of SET Inverter Circuit

Modeling and investigation of SET Inverter Circuit


  • C.Shyamala, V.Kalpana

  • 2021

  • May-June

  • Research

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    This paper presents an analytical model Inverter based on the theory of
    single electron transistor(SET).The proposed design is very flexible such that it can be
    used for single gate, multi-gate, symmetric, asymmetric devices and most importantly
    it can also consider the effect of background charge. It can also be used for large
    voltage range of drain-source voltage irrespective of the bias conditions. The
    proposed design has been simulated with SPICE and the characteristics produced by
    the proposed design have been verified against Monte Carlo simulator SIMON.
    Index Terms: Coulomb Blockade, Monte Carlo Simulator SIMON, Single-Electron
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    Modeling and investigation of SET Inverter Circuit