Bandwidth Enhancement of CPW-Fed Elliptical Curved Antenna with Design for Multiband Operation

Bandwidth Enhancement of CPW-Fed Elliptical Curved Antenna with Design for Multiband Operation


  • M Akansha, R Farha Khan, F Priyanka, S Shaheema

  • 2021

  • May-June

  • Research

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    In this article, a multi elliptical structured antenna is designed in which
    its ground plane is etched with different radius of elliptical SRR. The antenna size is
    44×40×1.6mm3, the substrate used is FR-4 substrate which is having a dielectric
    constant of 4.4. The proposed antenna approach is determined using four iterations
    achieve the maximum radiation performance. The antenna is working under 1.96GHz
    -3.74GHz, 3.95GHz – 7.48GHz, 8.42GHz – 11.47GHz and 13.41GHz –
    18.93GHz bands, the antenna can work for the WLAN, Wi-Fi & Wi-MAX applications.
    The design and analysis of the proposed radiating structure is carried out using ANSYS
    EM desktop and met material unitcell setup validation is carried out is an added
    advantage to the proposed antenna
    Index Terms: CPW, met material loading, elliptical split ring, and unit cell.
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    Bandwidth Enhancement of CPW-Fed Elliptical Curved Antenna with Design for Multiband Operation